Why Choose Chimney Liners?

Chimney caps

Chimney liners on flues are a great way to save energy and reduce heating costs. By keeping your chimney free of soot or particle matter, a good chimney liner can keep any emissions flowing at a constant velocity over the years. While chimney flue liners are often installed in newly constructed chimneys, they can be easily retrofitted into existing chimneys with broken or inadequate liners. A homeowner should consider replacing a chimney liner if he wishes to save on heating costs.

Chimney liners, along with chimney caps and chimney covers, have evolved greatly in the 20th century. While chimneys existed for thousands of years, most chimneys did not have liners. Instead, the material housing the chimney itself acted as a chimney liner. While a variety of materials, such as clay, made up the chimney, brick masonry also functioned as a chimney liner.

Brick had problems as a chimney liner, though. For one, brick and grout tends to absorb contaminants. For another, chimneys connected to coal fireplaces gathered soot very quickly. The result were the chimney sweeps of the Victorian era, who were tasked with periodically removing soot.

Today, modern chimneys do not get soot blockage because chimney liners have increased in quality. Steel chimney liners reduce blockage from soot and other particles, ensuring optimum chimney performance. Other metals, notably aluminum, function the same way when made into chimney liners.

While chimney liners are often included in chimney construction, a chimney liner can be installed. One of the most common reasons is if a chimney liner is old or faulty. Older chimneys tend to have terracotta flue lining, and they tend to wear out over time.

Another reason to install a chimney liner is to support a new heating unit. Making the transition from a unit with one feed stock to another can change the composition of air particles. A new chimney liner may ensure that the new unit runs as efficiently as possible.

There are many reasons to secure the flue around the chimney. Particle buildup or changing heating units can damage a chimney over time. To ensure constant quality, a homeowner may wish to consider updating his chimney. The best way to do this is to install a new chimney liner.