What Sets Douglas Fleit Apart From Others

Commercial real estate

Finding the right commercial real estate location can be a a challenge for many people. By using Douglas Fleit to narrow down the options, however, the potential buyer can save a great deal of time and effort. Douglas e fleit specializes in matching the right commercial real estate that is for sale to the right buyer. Ensuring their clients are pleased with their transaction is a top priority for Douglast E. Fleit.

With over 35 years of experience in the real estate business, Douglas Fleit has the professional knowledge and expertise to match the right commercial real estate offering to the correct buyer. His extensive connections allow him to access a wide range of possibilities when it comes to connecting buyers and sellers of commercial property. As chief executive officer of American Real Estate Partners, Douglas Fleit has access to more than 40 markets across the country from which to choose.

Douglas Fleit has been instrumental in acquiring about $1.8 billion in assets in commercial property, mainly office space. With markets throughout the mid Atlantic including Washington DC, Maryland, Raleigh Durham, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia and Baltimore, Douglas Fleit understands the intricacies that exist in the world of commercial real estate. Links like this.