The Perks Of Drought Resistant Grass For Homeowners

Lawn care

Drought resistant grass enables homeowners to take care of their lawns and gardens regardless of the climate they live in or how frequently it rains. If you buy grass seed for a species that survives in dry conditions for a long time, you can still keep your lawn or garden green and beautiful. Drought resistant grass will also look fresh throughout hot summers and even during a prolonged period of low rainfall. Some species are even tolerant of cold weather, so your property can look green even if you live up north or are experiencing a cold, dry spell in the wintertime.

Many types of grass seeds for dry areas germinate faster than other varieties, yet not as much water is required once the grass starts to grow. You can therefore conserve water, especially if local restrictions are in place. In addition, some varieties do not have to be mowed very often, saving time and costs associated with equipment and fuel. Frequent mowing can also contribute to atmospheric pollution. You actually help to preserve the environment by planting drought resistant grass. In many cases, less fertilizer and pesticide are needed for lawn seed that turns into grass able to withstand low moisture, thus reducing costs and the addition of substances that may further harm your local environment. Grass that can survive long droughts, therefore, has aesthetic, financial, and environmental benefits homeowners can take advantage of.

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