Looking for appliance parts in Cincinnati?

Cincinnati appliance parts

Does your refrigerator make a funny noise? Does food not get hot enough in your microwave? Is your dishwasher leaking? If so, you may need to buy new parts. There is one business in Cincinnati that sells parts for all appliances and even does repairs.
This appliance parts Cincinnati business has two locations: one in Cincinnati and one in Covington, Kentucky. This company has been in business for over thirty years. The Better Business Bureau gave it an A plus rating for appliance parts and repair. Also, this Cincinnati appliance repair business is noted for offering twenty four hour emergency service.
Furthermore, the appliance parts Cincinnati location employs factory trained, licensed and bonded technicians. All of the technicians receive continuing education and training. In addition, they use the latest equipment and procedures to safeguard customers when fixing their Cincinnati appliance.
If you are worried about the quality of the Cincinnati appliance parts, do not be. This appliance parts Cincinnati repair business only uses genuine factory replacement parts. In addition, this appliance parts Cincinnati shop goes above and beyond simply ordering parts. The employees of the Cincinnati appliance repair shop do refrigerator repair as well. So, if you call for assistance and they ask you if your refrigerator is running and you say yes, they are not joking with you. One of their highly qualified technicians will come and fix it for you.
The next time you are in the market for a new appliance or your refrigerator is on the fritz, consult your local Cincinnati yellow pages. This popular appliance parts company will be listed under one of the following: appliance repair cincinnati, appliance parts Cincinnati, Cincinnati appliance or refrigerator repair cincinnati.