Healthy Outdoor Playset Activities

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The United States Department of Health and Human Services advises children six and older to achieve sixty minutes in physical activity each day partly due to a study between five and seventeen year olds that showed seventy percent of obese children had one or more risk factors for heart disease. The best way for parents to take action and encourage their kids to have a safe, healthy, and fun place to place is by getting an outdoor playset for the backyard. These can consist of backyard swingsets and one of the safer trampolines for sale. An outdoor playset will present your kids and their friends with a fun way to get their physical activity in each day. The best time to have this is when your child is between two and seven years old as this is when balancing, gross motor, fine motor, and hand eye coordination is learned.

Dating back to 1907, United States President Teddy Roosevelt expressed the need and important for dedicated playgrounds. These play areas have continued to develop and in the 1950s the orange basketball was finally brought to the sport rather than the brown ball that was hard to see. Purchasing an outdoor playset created from the swing sets for sale is a good start for your little playground. You can also pick from the wooden swingsets available if you think that would look better and be safer for your kids and their friends to play on.