Gain Rustic Charm With Copper Sinks

Copper sinks

There are few things that can add rustic charm to a house faster than adding some copper sinks to the home. No matter what part of the home is being renovated, copper sinks are a surefire way to punctuate any room with real old fashioned character.

One of the most common types of sink is the copper farmhouse sink, a distinctive deep sink that is typically installed in the kitchen. These copper sinks are perfect for washing dishes, preparing vegetables and handling pretty much anything that happens in the kitchen. Hand hammered, these sinks are available in a variety of styles. Some can come with a decorative apron front, while others are sold plain. They come in numerous finishes and can match any kitchen style.

Another popular place for copper sinks is the bathroom. These can be copper vessel sinks or sinks that are installed in the counter. Many will have a beautiful pattern hammered into their bowls, while others will simply feature a nice polish. Much like the copper sinks available for the kitchen, copper bathroom sinks are available in multiple finishes.

Copper has a long history. It is one of the oldest metals known to man and has been used for a variety of purposes ever since its discovery thousands of years ago. It was around 8000 BC that copper was first used as a form of currency and a sign of wealth. In fact, while copper sinks were a sure sign of a person’s wealth, there were even enormous copper bathtubs that signified someone was rich beyond imagination.

Copper was considered valuable not only because of its inherent beauty but also because it was easy to work with. There were not the same kinds of tools available to people thousands of years ago, so the fact that copper was malleable was a huge advantage and led to it being used for a wide variety of purposes both domestic and also military. While there are now numerous metals that are much stronger than copper and other metals that are definitely more valuable, copper remains an important part of many cultures for its place in history and its lasting symbol of beauty. When someone brings a copper sink into their home, they are not just remembering the past, they are also keeping an ancient tradition alive. While there are certainly less expensive options, a copper sink in the home is an elegant expression of a bygone era.
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